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Who is 3rd Gen Painting

My name is Donald Thomson. I am a 3rd Generation painter following my parents and my grandfather.


I started painting full time in 2007 my parents company Eagle Painting & Decorating. I originally only started working for my parents for just the summer, then I had plans to go to school to become an electrician and that obviously never happened. Over the course of the summer I found painting to be almost too easy, I enjoyed it so much I never really thought of it as work, and still to this day I enjoy it so much and am grateful to be able to have such an amazing business that I enjoy day in and day out.

I had to earn my right as a painter, I wasn't treated any different by my parents than other members of the crew. I had to work my way up the ladder and show my skills. I wasn't just handed a paint brush and roller and had free rein over everything. I started filling nail holes, caulking baseboard, painting closets and sanding walls, you know, the stuff the real painters didn't want to do but needed to be done. At this point in time in my parents company business was booming, as was all of Grande Prairie. My parents employed 18-20 people, and I along with them eventually started managing those members, planning stages of homes and which crew members would go where for the day. I worked just as hard as those crew members, it still amazes me that my parents had such amazing workers as they are incredibly hard to come by now. We were doing huge numbers for production homes. 200+ a year for new construction along with many many repaints.

Things slowed down for everyone shortly after that, my parents had slowly laid everyone off and it was just down to basics, my father, mom and myself. Periodically they would hire old members for a couple weeks at a time when we needed a hand with production. It was during these times that I wanted to learn to become more efficient, to do things easier but with a better quality of finish, without skipping any steps. I worked side by side with my parents until things finally slowed down that I even had to go out and find another job. I stuck with painting, just a different substrate. I went into oilfield construction and began painting steel structures on tank farms. I only did this for a short amount of time but I learned enough knowledge to carry on with me until even today. It wasn't fun painting in -25 weather with solvent base paints but I'm glad I did. From that job I went to a local refinishing shop for equipment, I "managed" here for around 8-9 months. I don't often label myself because regardless of where I have been in a company I always did the laboring jobs more than any paperwork. I was often the first at the shop and the last to leave for the day. I absolutely loved this job and still miss it today. I was the sweeper, the door opener, the wash bay attendant, the blaster, the painter, the cleaner, the masker. I did everything here I could just to have more knowledge base on paints and coatings.

Shortly after working there Grande Prairie was starting to slowly pick back up and residential painting was calling me back, I went and registered as a Sole Proprietor business, 3rd Gen Painting in 2009. I subcontracted in new construction production homes for 4 years under my parents business, along with doing my own jobs. In 2015 I started my corporate business 1887229 Alberta Ltd. We still are a painting company today, but I went this route for liability reasons as I started doing exterior coatings on homes and businesses in Edmonton. Since then we have worked all over Alberta, British Columbia and into Saskatchewan, painting interior, exterior, commercial, residential and industrial jobs.

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